26 Mar 2018

Benefits from Extracting Competitor Product Prices from Amazon and eBay

Why to Extract Competitor Product Prices: As a seller on Amazon, eBay or other e-commerce sites it’s crucial to monitor and track your competitors product pricing. This price tracking helps to stay constantly updated and competent in the different online marketplaces. Progressively collecting and analysing the product and pricing data can help you fine-tune your products information picking up the ones which are really in market demand. Web data extraction is one of the advanced technologies that will help you with product and pricing extraction.

If you are still manually getting the product details from your competitor sites, data extraction services will assist you save resources, time and efforts. With web data scraping you can fetch a list of needed products with their pricing from numerous website pages at a time and into a desired file format quickly with an automated process.

Why Product and Pricing Web Data Extraction Services are needed

With a product and pricing data extraction software, you get the agility to make a choice on which product and pricing data you want to dig out from Amazon, eBay or other E-commerce website portals.

You can also use a web data scraping software to automate manually executed tasks, which can further be used to strategically work out on product price differences.

Powerful Web Data Extraction Software Services Can Help you with

  • Attaining product prices from Competing sites, Amazon and eBay, to price your products with complete confidence
  • Analysing the product demands to have the best possible market bids or else keeping them out of the inventory stock
  • Have a continuous eye on the customer reviews to work out on your product quality
  • Have needed market information to stay on top of other product sellers in the similar categories
  • Reduce efforts spent on manual copying pasting of both product and pricing data

Benefits from Competitive Product and Pricing Data Extraction Process

  • Product Data Extraction

Helps in fine tuning the product mix with competitive product investigation from the online markets to promote and sell them at unsurpassed profit margins. Elect to choose up which product category is giving you enhanced results to organize product assortment and business decisions to further track how these activities can help in increasing the overall revenues.

  • Pricing Data Extraction

Track, compare and further analyse pricing data from market leader’s sites and competitor portals to work out on boosting revenues. It helps in taking the pricing decisions on when to lower the product prices and when to increase them. With dynamic pricing data you can even work out on frequent price adjustments for enhancing product sales with precise price difference. Repricing with current pricing data further helps in gaining better profit margins.

Key Takeaways

Product and pricing data extraction service providers can fetch your competitor’s information, along with converting it into your required file formats. All these can be executed with complete automation without much role required by your employees or technical support team; you just require checking it once in the day.

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23 Mar 2018

Driving Business Growth by Extracting Structured Data from Unstructured Data

Today unstructured data is produced across the different organizations; this unstructured data is multiplying at a swift pace than the pace at which it is used. It is not possible for a human to physically surf through, understand data, scrape data from website and extract intelligence from the unstructured data and converse them transversely on various channels. You can use computers to access and read through this data, however for computers, fetching quality data insights is not actually possible.

Why unstructured data is a locked treasure!

All the information that is messed up or spread across files, platforms, is unstructured for a computer. This unstructured data can be present in documents, emails, social media posts, voice emails, message boards, forums to name a few. When valuable data is spotted across various mediums and across diverse platforms, it is a locked treasure, and cannot be used efficiently to drive business growth.

Here is the information that can be unlocked by scraping or extracting relevant data from multiple platforms and displaying it in a structured format:

  • Data insights which businesses need for preparing strategies
  • Data to track market response and competitor actions
  • Latest news updates that are related to your business
  • Monitoring of customer feedback, prospect behaviour and grievances
  • Social media insights to enhance business through social listening
  • Contact information of prospects and partners in the marketplaces

How web data extraction services deal with data

Manual processing of data to scrape data from website does happen unconditionally, however it is not scalable for massive data volumes. Web data extraction needs to be dealt with this effectively to add to the value of this unstructured data.

Extracting data into a structured format with data collection services assists resources collectively and connects people to build knowledge base. The web data scraping services to from an unstructured data can be done for prospects information, their addresses, contact numbers and emails to name a few. It can be also done to extract the insights into customer behaviour, to monitor competitor strategies, fetch product prices, and scrape information about products.

How is data extracted from websites?

Web data extraction is an automated procedure using which data can be crawled and applicable information is regained from different data sources like social media websites, competitor portals, commerce websites, blogs, business websites, pricing and product comparison portals and numerous such locations.

How data extraction meets data intelligence

Precise data extraction software or data extraction services can provide you a combination of data to enable you to get data intelligence and analytics across platforms. When this unstructured data is assembled, studied and displayed in a visual manner to discover the hidden patterns and not known co-relations, it can be utilized to take well-versed and hence improved decisions.

The prospective of custom data extraction services and analytics lies in its capacity to solve issues related to your business functions and hence help you expand your business scope and opportunities. To get the best out of your web data extraction software, that assist your transform data into key insights, it is essential to form your questions on a form and set what and from where the required data needs to be extracted.


Web Data Extraction Software

ByteKeen Technologies is a data extraction company with a scalable and robust web data extraction software platform that automatically extracts data from multiple websites and numerous data sources utilizing a powerful technology. To know how you can grow your business using our web data extraction solutions and crawling platform, request a free consultation today with one of our experts.

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10 Mar 2018

How to Scrape Unstructured Data through Web Extraction Services

Web Data Extraction Services – Today, businesses require more and more structured data to work on their short-term as well as long-term strategies. For building strategies, they need backing to spot trends, do marketing analysis, manage business performance, create corporate models, and always remain competitive within the industry. To attain such industry structured data sets you require a strong technology foremost for web data scraping and then for converting it into a needed data analytical format.

However, this can be much effort, resources and time consuming and is also expensive. Thankfully, web data extraction services exist for scraping unstructured data and converting it to structured data.

While these services are essential for fetching unstructured data, they are enormously needed for yielding accurate structured data that is out of sight within the space of the web. So, having mechanized web data scraping services for fetching unstructured data is all the time required.


Why Unstructured Data Scraping is Essential

The data extraction solutions have to deal with numerous challenges. For those looking to scrape unstructured data, data scraping services are needed which are able to handle massive amounts of unidirectional information online. Along with that providing data analytics is also a big job of converting unstructured data to structured data.

For those trying to extract unstructured data to reach structured data, other inconveniences also arise. This is that unstructured data which cannot be scraped constantly without utilizing automated and custom web data extraction services. This “cryptic” data is in attendance within the firewalls, and it is tricky to gather by customary web data extraction aggregators. But, it is remarkably helpful for marketing, research, and sales domains.

Sometimes, the prerequisite to a cryptic data is made known after an analytic or research executive asks a precise question and goes for ruling the answer. It may be connected to the at hand market inclination, clients, and the competition. The more time need for extracting it, however, can often eradicate those questions and they finally go unanswered.


Why Web Data Extraction Services are More Proficient 

To retrieve structured data sets to answer analytical questions is key for businesses. However, it is more noteworthy to access it rapidly and smoothly; otherwise, the procedure will not stay cost-effective. This is where sophisticated automated and custom web data extraction services come into picture which deals with cryptic data requirements.

With programmed data extraction services the applied efforts and expenses that are required to acquire the data also lowers considerably as compared to doing it manually. This means the data which can be effortlessly retrieved is more well-organized and constructive.

Also, the solutions utilized must be simple to use; with some degree of training attached to the users. It should have the potential to quickly and competently collect the needed data.


ByteKeen – Web Data Extraction Services

ByteKeen offers one of the Best Web Data Extraction Services required for fetching unstructured data and converts it into structured data as well as industry insights. With unstructured online data scraping services you just require to know the source or sources of the information, how swift the service is to access, its cost-effectiveness and the time it needs to yield required results.

To find out more about ByteKeen web data extraction services and solutions, and how you can make use of them to successfully and inventively collect structured data, request a swift free consultation today.

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28 Feb 2018

How Web Data Scraping Can Help Your Start-up

Web scraping is the technique of searching and fetching data from web data sources as well as web portals by utilizing web crawlers. The tools used for scraping data are programmed and they work automatedly. Industry experts commend web data extraction services for multiple benefits.

First is, you can focus on your core business and operational activities while the monotonous work of fetching data can be executed by automated software tools. In the age of far-fetched competition, web data extraction offers an invaluable support by bringing the most excellent results after web data scraping.

You are always updated with new trends as you can scrape data from website. Want to know about more vital benefits of web data scraping specially for start-ups? Here are all!

It tells what your prospects think about your company?

When you do business, reputation is extremely imperative. In the online space, it becomes additionally crucial. Reviews and recommendations of your company online create your presence amongst your prospects and market places where you do business forming an industry opinion. Web data scraping gives a better idea about the wide-ranging opinion of the people. By using data extraction services you can successfully search new customers on the basis of this opinions turning them in your favor. It will be accommodating in extracting the maximum gains of the campaigns and targeted advertisements.

You can analyze the competition in good health

When you are in an aggressive business, it is not enough just to extract the competitor’s information via data mining services. It only tells you about the scope of efforts needed to beat them. To set a winning business, you need to continuously track and monitor your competitor’s activities. Web data scraping services works for your advantage here, offering you an understanding of how your competitor companies are altering their pricing strategies, in which marketplaces they have a well-built grasp and in which markets you are in the foremost positions.

You do a systematic research on the marketplaces

The web scraping services offers statistical data, analytics and periodic reports. It talks about the trends in the marketplaces when analyzed properly and guide you in running the business more effectively with different types of information researched from the market.

Help in setting-up up your brand in the market

When you have a startup business, it is essential to market your services and improve on your companies branding aspects up to the utmost extent. However, with so much competition in the market that seems tougher than ever. But with automated data collection services you get access to significant information about your prospects and their preferences. This further helps in designing successful marketing and branding campaigns.


With web scraping services, you as a startup entrepreneur can surely achieve better heights in your business. ByteKeen is a data extraction company that has come up with reliable custom data extraction and web data scraping tools that can put together a list of probable customers, suppliers and other stakeholders who can benefit your start-up in establishing your business.

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23 Feb 2018

How Web Data Extraction Services Helps In Growing Your Business

Web Data Extraction Services

Web data extraction is an influential and impactful technique to yield improved business opportunities for your company. The objective of web data scraping services is to extract significant data for you from an extensive range of web resources in a swift and competent manner. Expand the insights into worldwide customer and market trends when you tap into crucial data points on the internet.

Some of the data you can request for comprises of marketing leads, competitor data, financial data, job listings, product and pricing information. This is also extremely precise to the type of business you are in with the budget, time period and worth of deliverables. Here are some pointers on why using a web scraping service can be beneficial for you.

Advantages of Web Data Scraping Services

Way in to the Up-to-the-minute Information for Business Growth

To survive in an exceedingly competitive industry, getting latest information can alter the way how you can approach your marketing, product and business strategy for the improved results. You can access diverse types of data at multiple levels, whether it is financial insights, business analytics, market research data, prospect databases and information from other websites.

You no more have to guess while taking business decisions on what your rivals are doing in the different marketplaces and can depend on consistent numbers.

Get Instant Alerts on Different Data and Information Updates

Enjoy the effortlessness of collecting precious information with web data collection services, which deliver outcomes in just a few hours. You can save on time, money, resources and efforts with your business course of action to stand at the top in comparison to other competitors in the similar marketplaces.

For Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

You can give your organic search traffic a further advancement by using web scraping services or data mining services in a better targeted ways for online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Track the different keywords or text phrases your competitors are utilizing to get improved results. You can also get insights on web page clicks, visual components, text details and more to get newer data insights on your straight competition.

For Different Business Functions in the Organization

With business directory extraction, which means that they can access data from white pages, super pages, yellow pages, and principal online retail portals, like Amazon and eBay. With Custom Data Extraction & Data Scraping Services you can get access to accurate data, like prospect’s contact details, competitive information and data from prominent social media sites.

If your business is concerned to real estate, web data scraping services can obtain agent and property information from best web portals. And if you are a manufacturing or retail company we can bring you required contact details of your stakeholders from different online sources.

Key Takeaways

The most flourishing businesses across the globe consistently fetch data from the online sources to gain applicable leads, product, pricing and market intelligence. Extracting various or huge amount and type of data can take a lot of efforts and time, so, it’s much better to outsource this functionality to a custom data extraction company that are experts in web scraping services.

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14 Feb 2018

How Web Data Scraping Services Benefits E-commerce Businesses

Web data extraction also known as data scraping is a method for extracting massive amounts of data from different websites online. The data obtainable on sites is commonly not accessible to download straightforwardly. However, the web is the most prominent repository of data, and this data has been increasing at exponential rates ever since the commencement of internet.

The web data scraping services assist you to fetch competitive data in an automated fashion more resourcefully and precisely. A web scraping setup interacts with different E-commerce portals and instead of displaying it on screens; it stores the fetched data to a system for further access.

Business Applications of Web Data Extraction

  1. Competitor Data Extraction and Analysis

The prospects of tracking competitor data were never this easy to get to until automated data collection services came into existence through web scraping technologies. By means of deploying web spiders, it’s now painless to closely track the activities of your close competitors.

This includes monitoring the marketing promotions they are using, tracking their social media activities, screening their business strategies and catalogs to win more business to the competition. ByteKeen offers near to real time crawls to take this forward and offers businesses with up to the minute competitor data.

  1. Product and Pricing Data Extraction

Product and pricing data intelligence is gaining recognition by every passing day has given the slimming down of competition in the online world. E-commerce portals are always studying out their close competitors and market leaders.

By utilizing E-commerce data extraction techniques, an e-commerce business can have real-time product and pricing data. Using this data they can fine tune their own catalogs with competitive pricing and product information.

The ByteKeen data mining services can easily do this wherein web crawlers are programmed to pull product information like product name, variant, category, price and whatever is available on the competitor E-commerce sites. This data can be plugged to get automated product and pricing information analyzed in the required formats.

  1. Maintaining the Product Catalog

E-commerce portals usually have enormous product listings. It’s not effortless to keep posted and maintain a very massive catalog. This is why many E-commerce companies rely on exclusive web data extraction services for assembling required data to have their catalogs updated regularly. This assists in discovering fresh categories with new product details which they can add in their list.

  1. Data Scraping for Market Research

Market research is imperfect unless the quantity of data is vast. Given the limits of customary processes of data attainment and its volume of appropriate data presented on the web, web data extraction is by far the best way to collect data needed for market research. The transfer of businesses from offline to online spaces has also made web data scraping an improved resource for market research activities.

Key Takeaways

Some businesses work exclusively relying on data; others use it for competitor analysis and market research amongst the other multiple use cases. However, fetching massive amounts of data from the websites and other online resources is still a major barrier for many companies, more so because they are not following the best possible direction.

Moving Forward with Web Data Scraping Services

ByteKeen Technologies is a data extraction company for any category of service or solution providers in want of data for their businesses, like business data for Marketing & Sales, data for Competitor Study & Market Research and data for Product as well as Pricing Strategies.

At ByteKeen we take the proficiency of our web data extraction services and software solutions to a completely new level. Our web data mining team consists of finest talent and significant technical experience. They bring in advanced data collection services and web crawling techniques to pull data from the precise web sources and deliver data in required formats as desired by our clients.

Don’t wait just get in touch with us now; we deliver more than what is expected. We always provide support to our customers whether its business consultation or technical support.

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02 Dec 2016

Make your business more intelligent with web data extraction

Data extraction is the most practiced technique which will assist you realizes the pertaining knowledge for your existing business or any personal use. Many times, we discover that experts’ copy and paste data manually from web content or transfer the complete web site that may be a waste of your time and energy.

Now with the new technique of Data extraction Software you’ll crawl through hundreds and many web content so as to extract specific knowledge and at the very same time save this information or data within the following manner.

  • XML FILE or Any other custom format for future use.
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02 Dec 2016

Increase E-Commerce Conversions Using Competitive Data & Analytics

There is a dynamic shift happening in the world of E-commerce marketing. E-commerce conversions through only social media or email strategy is loosing a grip to be the best driver of online purchases. However, there is consistent increase in marketing and brand investments. So the need of the day is to combine the social media and email strategies with competitive data & analytics to achieve overall success.

Needs of E-commerce industry:

Social media platform overall has a reduced conversion rate as compared to the earlier overwhelming and successful response. The strategy definitely needs a combination of business and market statistics such as online market analytics, competitor & business insights, social trends and real-time pricing updates to drive online businesses.

E-commerce industry should know exactly what their competitors are charging which definitely reflects over their own pricing strategy. Activities like tracking product & services reviews, online product performance, promotional insights, monitoring competitor moves and price-lists play a crucial role in driving sales in E-commerce industry.

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02 Dec 2016

Social Media Website Scraping Tools

Before the introduction of advanced technology, data mining or extraction was a difficult process. But today, it is not the same. With the involvement of new technical tool data extraction has become the most renowned and regarded technique for extracting online data.

Data is the most essential thing in today’s modern world, and if your organizations or sites showcasing effort are not sponsored by the right arrangement of data, then it would get to be hard to make due in the opposition.

With the assistance of data social affair, one can incorporate the right arrangement of substance in their site. Data scraping administration suppliers help organizations get the system framework of their opponent organizations.

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