Pricing Intelligence

Highly configurable solution to tracking, compare and analyze competitor’s prices.

Pricing Intelligence

For companies to sustain and grow in today’s E-commerce arena, intelligence about competitors’ prices, inventory, products, etc is a must. ByteKeen provides you real time competitor pricing data to enable you to take well-informed pricing decision

  • Highly configurable solution to tracking, compare and analyze competitor’s prices.
  • Real time as well as historical views
  • Data extraction for different types of competitor pricing: Regular, discount, shipping, MSRP.
  • Can be provided as hosted data collection solution which spares you additional hardware/employee expense.
  • Discover opinions and reviews on social media for better response and resolution
  • Aggregate pricing, availability, inventories across retailers and distributors online
  • Sharing of knowledge base and best practice.

Different Types of Pricing Intelligence

Precise & dynamic information

Enhance your pricing intelligence capability by capitalizing our reduced data collection time.

e-Retail pricing intelligence

Real-time price extraction from leading e-commerce sites e.g. amazon, eBay

Hotel pricing intelligence

Real-time hotel room price extraction from leading travel and hospitality portals

Easy setup & customization

Rapid solution deployment and maximum flexibility to your unique pricing strategy

Pricing Intelligence Features and Benifits

  • We provide comprehensive pricing information across marketplaces, online stores,  and multi-format retailers. Our data includes original prices, promotional pricing, shipping costs, stock availability, packaging and other associated numerals.
  • Compare prices against your competitors’ everyday, every hour. Our customers now track and compare prices of specific products across marketplaces and discover contrasting profitable pricing strategies.
  • Finding the most popular product in your portfolio is now easier than before. Our predictive algorithms compare the sale and stock information collected from competing sellers and marketplaces to provide this information.
  • Now tracking a multitude of advertising options across the internet is easier. Calculate the return earned by all your advertising channels. Use scenarios to plan and schedule new advertising slots based on sales information from previous periods.
  • Create a single data feed for multiple product categories and channel them straight to the comparison page. The data feed can be customized to channel-through pricing, features, availability, shipping and other information.
  • Access your dashboard across devices and platforms, create alerts and monitor your competitors’ pricing tactics. Alerts can be customised to include pricing, stock, availbility and shipping information changes made for specific products across multiple marketplaces.

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